Windscreen wiper spoiler 16″+26″ used for PEUGEOT 206 or more others car

Model: YL-803 Spoiler Universal Wiper Blade. Available in sizes :16"+26" Life Circle: 1,500,000 times use. Natural Rubber: Grade AAA Powder Liquid Graphite Specification: 1.2mm Galvanized ZINC Steel Stainless Steel: Backing Stainless Steel: Rail / Flexor

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Key features of Goodyou window wiper spoiler

Plastic Bushing design window wiper spoiler For Cars with a big metal spoiler blade frame width W1=11.00 mm Adapter Pin=4 .00 mm

It used for PEUGEOT 206 or more others car

  • Robust metal frame
  • Quick-clip adaptor
  • Universal fitting (for left and right-hand drive)
  • Long-life rubber
  • Available in sizes 16″+26″
  • The spoiler blade fits more than 90% worldwide cars.


windscreen wiper spoiler

spoiler hook fit wiper blade spoiler wiper  windscreen wiper fins


  • 100% natural rubber insures maximum performance.


  • Stainless steel flexors adjust to the windshields varies contours.


  • Durable steel frame for perfect rubber-to-glass contact for excellent performance.


  • For quick easy installation.


  • Durable polymer joint for a quiet wiping operation.


  • Easy installation,appliable for U-hook wiper arms, Pin wiper arms, Bayonet wiper arms, Two holes wiper arms.

windshield wiper fins

How to install Spoiler on wiper blade?

installing rain x windshield wipers

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