Multi fit adaptors windscreen wiper all-weason universal new type

Model No. :YL-27 Size :12''(300mm-28''(700mm)  Material : Teflon coated natural rubber, high carbon steel, POM, PVC Car make:13 POM Adapter for 99% cars Hand Driving :LHD/RHD  Certifications: ISO9001/9002,TS16949

Product Details Description

Good Multi fit adaptors windscreen wiper specifications:

  • Material: Premium AA grade natural rubber and memory steel.
  • Ensures smooth, quiet, and streak-free wiping performance.
  • Durability: Capable of 1 million wiping cycles.
  • Delivers exceptional wipe quality in extreme temperatures, tested from -20°F to +194°F.


The wipers are curved and fitted to the windshield, achieve quiet and trackless wiping. The imported natural rubber is treated with graphite to increase the service life of the wiper.With an elegant, bracket-less design, our blades have an integrated aerodynamic spoiler that helps them operate quickly.


Multi-type frameless wiper blade


































For top-tier winter performance, the Goodyou multi fit adaptors windscreen wiper is the ultimate choice. Unlike traditional wipers, beam blades are impervious to snow and ice buildup. The bracketless design and integrated tension springs ensure flexibility and superior wiping performance across all weather conditions. Goodyou multi fit adaptors windscreen wiper are proven to last up to 40% longer than other premium blades and feature a weather-shield double-locking connector for straightforward installation.

Product Features:

  • ClearMax 365 rubber technology: Combines a soft rubber core with a powder-coated shell to protect the wiping edge from ozone damage, snow, sleet, rain, and road debris, resulting in extended lifespan.
  • DynamicFit technology: Provides exclusive tension spring arcing that conforms to the curve of the windshield for an exceptional wipe.
  • Asymmetrical spoiler: Maintains consistent blade contact with the windshield, ensuring superior performance at all speeds.
  • Weather-shield double-locking connector: Facilitates quick and secure wiper blade installation.


steel Spoiler comparison Rubber comparison of plastic parts



































How to fit Goodyou Multi-type wipers, follow below picture , it’s so easy.

Multi-type frameless wipers

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