Multi functional car wiper blade wuick fit multifunction windshield wiper blade

Part No: YL-25A Product Size:12''/300MM-30''/750MM Color Box Size:5/5.5W*2.5/3/H*16''/450MM-32''/900MM Color:Black Material: PREMIUM Vietnam Import Natural Rubber + Import SK5 SPRING + Centric 100% FRESH PVC + German BAYER PP Rubber:Premium FULL natural, AA class Steel:IMPORT Stainless SK5 Spoiler:CENTRIC Fresh PP hand driving:apply to left-hand and right-hand driving car Certifications: ISO9001:2008, SGS, GMC approved manufacturer

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Goodyou Multi functional car wiper blade wuick fit multifunction windshield wiper blade,Soft Type Multi Fit Adaptors Windscreen Wipers Best Seller Factory Supply Multifunction Wiper 12′′-32′′

so drivers and passengers enjoy optimum safety and efficiency. With an elegant, bracket-less design, our blades have an integrated aerodynamic spoiler that helps them operate quickly and efficiently in a range of applications.


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Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible with 16 different functional connectors, fitting 99% of cars.
  • Environmentally friendly and compliant with PAHs and DMF standards, holding ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 certifications. Made with 100% natural A-grade rubber, with a Teflon-treated surface.
  • Built to withstand hazardous road conditions, including extreme weather like heavy rain.
  • Features high-strength spring steel for uniform wiper arm pressure distribution, conforming to the windshield shape, made with POM plastic steel material.
  • Effectively removes water from the windshield, offering high clarity, low noise, long lifespan, high temperature and corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance.
  • Easy to install, lightweight, strong, and durable. Made with high-quality materials, providing excellent quality at a reasonable price, with fast delivery and the best service.
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