MultiFunctional soft wiper blade with 15 type adapters windshield wipers

Part No: YL-909S Product Size:12''-32'' Material: PREMIUM Vietnam Import Natural Rubber + Import SK5 SPRING + Centric 100% FRESH PVC + German BAYER PP High-Carbon Steel:Two piece spring structure with iron legs, 09*7mm, High-Carbon Steel Rubber:Premium FULL natural, AA class Steel:IMPORT Stainless SK5 Spoiler:CENTRIC Fresh PP hand driving:apply to left-hand and right-hand driving car Certifications:

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Goodyou MultiFunctional soft wiper blade with 15 type adapters windshield wipers,it uses high carbon steel memory steel to distribute pressure evenly to achieve a seamless fit with the vehicle’s windshield

Wiper blades provide noise free scratch test and continue to pass scratch test

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Size Details:

2. Size Details

Wide Compatibility: Manufactured by  leading Chinese multi-function wiper blade factory-Goodyou, our blades come with 16 adapters, ensuring compatibility with 99% of vehicles on the market for a perfect fit.

Superior Performance: Engineered for excellence, our multi-purpose wiper blades deliver outstanding performance in all weather conditions. Whether facing heavy rain or snowstorms, they ensure streak-free, clear visibility for enhanced driving safety.

Easy Installation: Designed for user convenience, our wiper blades can be effortlessly installed. The four included adapters allow for quick attachment to your vehicle without the need for additional tools or professional assistance.

All-Weather Reliability: Depend on our versatile wiper blades throughout the year. They are built to perform reliably in all seasons, even under extreme weather conditions.

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