Super plus spoiler wiper blades

Model: YL-807 Spoiler Universal Wiper Blade. Available in sizes :from 11”-28” Application: Hook 9x3mm 9x4mm, Bayonet 7.2 x 2.5mm, Side Pin 1/4 3/16 Life Circle: 1,500,000 times use. Natural Rubber: Grade AAA Powder Liquid Graphite Specification: 1.2mm Galvanized ZINC Steel Stainless Steel: Backing Stainless Steel: Rail / Flexor

Product Details Description

GOODYOU spoiler wiper blade, Wiper blades with spoilers added are a useful addition if you regularly drive at higher speeds, the added spoiler holds the blade more firmly against the windscreen at higher speeds, improving its ability to clear the glass.

We are producing the very best wipers on the market, high quality,durable and reliable windscreen wiper blade.

Key features of Goodyou Super Plus wiper blades

It Special for VW or more others car

  • Robust metal frame
  • Quick-clip adaptor
  • Universal fitting (for left and right-hand drive)
  • Long-life rubber
  • Available in sizes from 11”-26”
  • The spoiler blade fits more than 90% worldwide cars.

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Application: Hook 9x3mm 9x4mm, Bayonet 7.2 x 2.5mm, Side Pin 1/4 3/16

Spoiler on wiper blades


GOODYOU’s Super Plus line of wiper blades offers a classic design tailored for vehicles equipped with a hook-type wiper arm. Featuring a sturdy metal frame, these wipers ensure optimal strength and longevity.

They are designed to fit universally on both left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles.

Equipped with a quick-clip adaptor, these wiper blades are simple to install. The premium rubber construction ensures a long lifespan and effectively clears rain and debris from your windshield, providing a clear view of the road.

Available in sizes ranging from 11” to 28”, GOODYOU’s Super Plus wiper blades cater to a wide variety of older vehicle models. Backed by GOODYOU’s 12-month guarantee, the Super Plus range promises reliable performance and customer satisfaction.


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