Universal multifunctional wiper blades with different adaptor

Part No: YL-24 Product Size:12''/300MM-30''/750MM Color Box Size:5/5.5W*2.5/3/H*16''/450MM-32''/900MM Color:Black Material: PREMIUM Vietnam Import Natural Rubber + Import SK5 SPRING + Centric 100% FRESH PVC + German BAYER PP Rubber:Premium FULL natural, AA class Steel:IMPORT Stainless SK5 Spoiler:CENTRIC Fresh PP

Product Details Description


Universal multifunctional wiper blades with different adaptor , The aerodynamic curve shape design makes the wiper blade bear equal pressure, lead the blade to contact the windshield closer. Goodyou multifunctional soft wiper blade can quick removal of water from the windscreen and bring perfect performance.

Suitable cars:

Multi Frameless Wiper Blade fit for different car wiper arms. It can fit all kinds of Asians, Europeans.

and American vehicles, such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, VW, Volvo, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, and Mazda. etc

One Assortment + appropriate  adaptors= Serve 99% of cars

 part of windscreen wiper adaptors

Multi-clip Flat Wiper Blade


1) High-engineered Original Equipment Replacement Design
2) Reinforced Import SK5 steel strips ensure precise and even pressure along the entire wiping edge and 100% perfect conjoint ratio to all European, Japanese, and American vehicles
3) Centric FRESH PVC spoilers, anti-UV, scratch, chemicals, NO wind lift
4) Import Vietnam Natural Rubber, AA class with advanced Soft Flexible Natural Rubber Technology and Wear Resistant Coating deliver smooth quiet wiping and efficient long lasting working life
5) 100% FRESH Germany BAYER PP, durable NO BREAK and beautiful shinny looks
6) EASY “PULL-LOCK” FIT system, “one-step” installation
7) 16 Multi Clips available for ALL WIPER ARMS!
8) FIT LHD and RHD vehicles.

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